2020 Covid-19 Statement


Scott Stieber and Don Myers

Well, heck.

In what we fervently hope are the waning days of the global pandemic, we’re revisiting the old website.

First of all, our apologies for not pulling our 2020 performing calendar sooner. We DID play a few of our scheduled shows (Thanks, Wisconsin Riverside Resort and The Cider Farm Tasting Room!), all in safe, outdoor venues. The rest? Well, you know: restaurants and wineries curtailed live-music performances. Some closed altogether (RIP, Fisher King Winery). Concerts? Fuhgetaboutit.

THE GOOD NEWS: As we line up to get Our Shots, along with our brethren and sistern, there appears to be light at the proverbial end of the tunnel, and it would seem to not be a blowtorch. We’ve booked a few summer shows (the schedule will appear here as it fleshes out), and 2021 promises to be a much better year for musicians and artists. We’ll soon be able to take up, more or less, where we left off last year, and to begin both performing new material, and to start recording the best of it. Our 2018 CD releases chug along on the various music-streaming services, and are available to download, stream, and, even, possess as ‘physical media’ (search ‘Scott Stieber’ and/or ‘Don Myers’ at any of the usual suspects: Amazon, CD Baby, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, et al).

We look forward to seeing you all soon! Please watch this space.