Lucky To Be Here

CD: Lucky To Be Here by Scott Stieber and Don MyersSome of our self-penned songs with a few of our favorite covers. Love songs, political musings, farm-boy surf music (Cowabunga!), and a farewell to one of our favorite singer-songwriters.

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Track listing:

1 - Across the Borderline
2 - I Own Everything
3 - Bright Side of the Road
4 - Toke ‘N’ Surf Song
5 - Bring It With You (When You Come)
6 - You Tickle Me
7 - Crocodile Man
8 - Don’t Let Us Get Sick
9 - Bilgewater Pump Co. (The Rise and Fall)
10 - Leonard’s Song [link to lyrics]
11 - Million Miles
12 - Spoon River
13 - Rocket Man
14 - Fox in the Farmyard


Dave Hopper – Pro Tools engineering
Meghan Dudle – violin on ‘Spoon River’
Scott Moore – drums on ‘I Own Everything’, ‘Toke ‘N’ Surf Song’, ‘Crocodile Man’, ‘Bilgewater’ and ‘Million Miles’.
Monica Kmak – drums on ‘Bring It With You’, ‘You Tickle Me’, and ‘Don’t Let Us Get Sick’