One Blue Love, The Story

Trax GazingIn the general pursuit of happiness, sometime back in '06, sds and Mike Schmidt conspired to record a few of sds penned songs in Mike's home studio There was a vague notion of creating a CD sometime before the industry's scheduled obsolescence date (2011 / 2012, right?). It was sds and his guitar with Mike in the booth offering up musical insights, and hurling insults through the glass.

After a few tracks were laid down, then what? Who could be lured into the studio to add instrumentation and vocals? Likely suspects were rounded up, prodded, and dragged into the effort. All with less kicking and screaming than might be expected. The "Credits" listed elsewhere don't give justice to the fun that followed.

In addition to the harassment, engineering, and production , Mike provided most of the bass and was the vocal director for the back up singing. He added some vocals himself requesting to be listed as one of the "chick singers". So be it.

In a seemingly unrelated set of events, Don Myers showed up with his guitar providing the majority of lead, some bass, and some vocals. He and I have been playing music together ever since.

I'm a lucky guy, grateful to all and for all. I hope you find something you like in these recordings.

Please make contact.

Thank you,