Can You Feel It?

Words and music by Scott D. Stieber

Walking with your baby
on this August night
The moon is hanging in the sky
stars are shining bright
There’s a gentle breeze blowing
throwing shadows along the path
You say something, she says something
both of you laugh

Can you feel it Buster?
Can you feel it in your heart?
Can you feel it Buster?
Can you feel it in your heart?

You've seen it in the movies
heard it in the words of a song
You don't care, you're walking on air
Man you're really gone
You can't eat, you can't sleep
You just can't concentrate
She’s got your whole world turned up side down
And -- ain't it great


I hear you talkin’ about the future
Talk about days gone by
You’re the one who said you gave up on love
Now you think you'll give it one more try
so you open up a little
She opens up to you
You put one foot in front of the other
Toward a love that's true


So, you're ready to pop the question
Your heart beatin’ like a drum
You stammer, stutter, mumble, mutter
the words stick on your tongue
You say “what I have to tell you,
words cannot express”
She says yes

Chorus - tag last line 3 times