Words and Music by Scott D. Stieber

Garbanzo, garbanzo
Heaven in a bean
Garbanzo, garbanzo
chick pea
Garbanzo, garbanzo
A little heaven in a bean
Garbanzo, garbanzo
Ooh, chick pea

I like the Color, I like the shape
I like to roll 'em round on my plate
A nutty texture, a nutty taste
I like the fact that there is no waste
(He likes the fact that there is no waste)

I eat 'em with a fork, I eat 'em with a spoon
I eat 'em in my kitchen, in my living room
You might say they’re just another legume
I like 'em so much That I'm singin' this tune
(He likes ‘em so much he's singin’ this tune)


I eat hummus dip while I'm lying in bed
Falafel sandwiches in pita bread
You might say I 'look well fed
That's right, that's right, that's just what I said
(You might say he looks well fed)