I Can't Fly

Words and music by Scott D. Stieber

I'm goin' out walking, that's what I'll do
Goin' out walking, think things through
Out here walking, tell you why
I can't fly

Born into the land of kings
Can't complain playing second string
When you make a wish, close your eyes

I work for money, I don't work for fun
Not unlike most everyone
There’s all these things our time buys
I can't fly
I can’t fly

Time, time isn’t money
No matter what they pay
Time, time has wings
wings to fly away

A child's kite, out on the wind
Hanging by a thread, paper thin
What would I do without these ties
I can’t fly
-I can't fly

Goin' out walking, I'll follow love
These old shoes, they fit like a glove
Stand on this ridge lookin’ out at the sky