It's Magic (On the Radio)

Words and music by Scott D. Stieber

It's magic, magic, magic
On the radio, on the radio, radio

They got news, sports, traffic and weather
Those morning guys, aren’t they clever
They could go on and on and on and on forever

I’m hanging on every word they say
I love the music that they play
And they play and they play and they have a nice day


Whiter teeth, a brighter smile
I get those shoes, step-out in style
I’m goin’ nowhere, I won’t touch that dial
'cause I could win Magic cash with a little bit a luck
Drivin' my New used car or truck
It’s so wonderful, I’m dumb struck


a little tuck here, a little tuck there
I could buy my baby a brand new pair
Oh she don’t have hair where we don’t want hair

I take that medicine, with zinc
I don’t know what, I’m on the brink
I know where to shop, eat, and drink (just think)

You don’t need glasses in the land of plenty
Perfect vision honey, 20 20
So good lookin’, Incidentally


tell me
Why Oh why oh why oh why
Why Oh why oh why oh why
Why Oh why oh why oh why am I so blue
So blue

I joined the club, I’m lookin’ buff
Ooh, ooh, ooh, there’s just so much stuff
It’s magic, maybe magic’s not enough