Mother Culture Waltz

Words and music by Scott D. Stieber

Give me your children and a little bit of time
Give me their stories and their nursery rhymes
Give me your children and I’ll make them mine
Give me your children

I use a few simple techniques, a few simple tools
Television, radio, church and school
I'll teach your children, I'll teach them the rules
Give me your children

Something to wear, a little something to eat
We’ll sing a song, sound so sweet
Like Rock a bye baby, rock you to sleep
Give me your children

I give you language, something to say
I give you work to do every day
All this and more, Prayers to pray
Games to play

I'll teach them to march, and march them to war
Where children have gone and gone before
You may curse me now, but you’ll be back for more
You always come back for more

instrumental bridge followed by solo

My name, mother culture, you can call me sis
I rule with a smile, and an iron fist
Close your eyes, give me a kiss (on the lips)
Give me your children
Give me your children

I don’t lose many, I lose only a few
Nobody notices when I do
I’ll teach your children, just like I taught you
Give me your children