Who are these guys?

Photo Scott Stieber under the hatThe following is all the information the Napping Cats Marketing Department research staff could uncover about the two suspects.


Scott Stieber

Scott is "Just this guy, you know" (Zaphod Beeblebrox) who enjoys these days of playing music (occasionally writing a song); running sound for friendly musicians from time to time; reading audio books; and of course, napping. If he could play lead guitar, he'd try to play like Don.


Don Myers

The Donmeister, has been playing music since the beginning of recorded time (No one knows his true age). He seems to have taken the opportunity to learn how to play an extraordinary number of instruments. He also draws. He's drawn straws; aces from the deck; and cartoon characters...

DON says he is pleased to be involved with the ‘One Blue Love’ CD and Scott’s live shows. In his words:
"I’ve been involved with music since I was a wee lad, back at the dawn of the Pleistocene era. Photo of Don Myers at DrakeI got my first guitar at 10, a truly horrible Harmony/Silvertone thing, the playing of which pretty much defied physics. After a couple of years suffering the horror of this Guitar-Shaped Object, my folks relented and got me a Gibson Melody Maker student guitar, which could, at least, be played without the use of vise-grips.

“Through high-school and college, I played with the usual assortment of bands, one of which got pretty good and played all over Iowa and surrounding states, then I went on the road playing through most of America in the early 80s with The Deputy Dawg Band, who opened shows for a number of national acts of the period, did a considerable amount of recording, and sorta flirted with regional stardom.’The Dawgs’ broke up in 1985, but reunited in 2009 to be inducted into the Iowa Rock’n’Roll Music Association (IRRMA) Hall of Fame. In the interim years, I taught myself mandolin and pedal steel guitar, played guitar, bass, and/or keyboards in a number of central Iowa bands, did a fair amount of studio work, and assembled enough oddball musical instruments, PA equipment, and recording gear to truly astound (perhaps horrify) my new wife when I moved to Wisconsin in 2010.

“Presciently, Sally, knowing I was looking for chances to play music again, told me she knew of a guitar player with whom she used to work who played solo acoustic shows around the area.
“The rest is history, or civics, or Social Studies—one of those 5th period subjects."

Mourning Glory Rock Band, outside the Iowa Rock and Roll Music Association Museum prior to Hall of Fame induction. (pictured L to R: Joe LeValley, drums; Don Myers, guitar; Mark Plahn, bass; Roger Peterson, keyboards)

On Sept 4, 2016, Don was inducted for the second time to the Iowa Rock’n’Roll Music Association (IRRMA) Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame festivities take place every Labor Day weekend in the Lake Okoboji resort area with an induction ceremony at the SAMI Center in Arnold’s Park, IA, followed by an inductee concert at the restored Roof Garden Ballroom in Arnold’s Park, adjacent to the IRRMA Museum.

The induction honor was bestowed upon the ‘Mourning Glory Rock Band (MGRB)’, a group Don played with from 1971-74 (yes, he is that old!) in NW Iowa. A number of other bands and individuals were inducted in 2016, among whom are several old friends of Don’s, including The Flying Marsupials band, Hal Thompson, and Janey Hooper, all of Des Moines, IA.

Says Don, “I’m happy to get to have this much fun a second time. It was great to play with my old friends from MGRB, and I have the new plaque mounted on my office wall. Many thanks to IRRMA for this honor!